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Sponsors | Corporate Sponsorship

This area of our sponsorship program offers the corporate business community the opportunity to make a real difference.

By offering to donate towards the costs of one or more centre rooms, the sponsor provides us with the opportunity to:

  • Provide each room with improved facilities.
  • Provide an elevated standard of education & service to our community.
  • Show our sponsors how their donations have helped to make a real difference.

Sponsor Our Baby Room

Sponsorship of the babies’ room will assist us in providing baby learning equipment to enhance natural child development.

Sponsor Our Toddlers Room

Sponsorship of the toddlers room will provide educational toys & equipment helping to develop vital social skills of the children, ready for Pre-School.

Sponsor Our Nappy Room

Sponsorship of the nappy room will help towards the funding of essential baby needs including nappies, cream, hygiene and cleaning products, providing a safe environment for young parents to change their young ones’.

Sponsor Our Office

Sponsorship of the office will help us to improve computer and internet facilities for both the staff and young parents as well as critical tools used by the young parents to complete homework and studies.

Sponsor Our Sleep Room

Sponsorship of the sleep room will fund equipment such as cots, mattresses, sheets and blankets, improving the overall room environment ensuring babies comfort and safety.

Sponsor Our Playground

Sponsorship of the playground will be used to update and improve current outdoor play area facilities including UV safe shade cells and child friendly outdoor play equipment.

Sponsor Our Classroom

Sponsorship of the classroom will enable the centre to invest in further school books & accessories, including school and transport fees.

Sponsor Our Young Parents Room

Sponsorship of the young parents room will help fund professional out sourced resources and life skill workshops used to educate young parents and minimising social isolation.

Sponsor Our Kitchen

Sponsorship of the Kitchen area will enhance the existing facilities and help fund modern equipment to further our healthy eating program and nutritional education to parents and children.

We Give Back

What Our Corporate Sponsors Receive In Return

We are indebted to the generosity of our sponsors.

As a show of gratitude from our team and young parents we can provide the following:

  • Presentations to your company by the Teen Family Centre team.
  • Quarterly news on your sponsored area.
  • A dedicated “Thank You” plaque displaying corporate details on display at the Team Family Centre.
  • Dedicated website page per corporate sponsor.

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