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Service Providers | Young Parent Program

The Young Parents Program works closely with the Teen Family Centre’s Child care Centre and Balga Senior High School to provide support for young parents completing their secondary education. Children are cared for by the Child care Centre whilst parents visit them during recess and lunch. Parents aNend school classes as per normal with one day set aside for all parents to gather and participate in a Positive Parenting Program. Workshops and activities are scheduled to encourage antenatal care (see Antenatal Program), parent-­‐child bonding and develop parenting and life skills. An Education Coordinator is assigned to assist the parents’ educational needs and to liaise with their respective school teachers.

For pregnant students who wish to remain at their high school throughout their pregnancy, the Teen Family Centre will liaise with staff so that adequate support can be provided and aNendance to our Positive Parenting Program is encouraged. A Parent Support Worker will still be assigned to the young parent and will work with them whilst they are aNending another high school.

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